Friday, August 5, 2011

10 reasons y i love Chandler,AZ

10 reasons y I love Chandler
1) my gang - Fun is the word that best describes us. So much that we get constant requests from ppl inviting themselves for our tea breaks :P It's a privilege to be a part of my gang. Almost like being an elite member of sum society.
2))woodlands- a perfect south Indian restaurant that makes amazing north indian food too ( this one is for "someone"s love ..who happens to be VERY regional :P)  . A place where the owner let's our gang keep "account"
3) my gang - we ve redefined tea break at intel. Tea breaks are no More abt Walkin down to the cafe getting coffee n going back. It requires some planning. Stocking up on milk bikis n Marie n good day, reserving the corner table in the cafe n having an elaborate session of ruining someone's reputation. Let's jus say that "someone" is almost always the same person. Oh wait, can "that" be classified as a human?
4)oct-nov weather - nothin like it. Those 2 months are pure bliss. Ok let's not talk abt the previous 2 months :P
5)my gang- my best friends happen to be the best cooks I ve ever met. I ve had the best tasting brinjal dish here. And the thaalipeeth. And bisi bele bath. And butter pound cake. And spinach rasam. And.. Time to eat sumthin, this point has made me hungry.
6)The wide smooth roads- I love the fact that even interior roads are 3 lane roads and freeways are 5 lane. Best part being everyone wants to drive in the 2 rightmost lanes . So it's almost like having 3 hov lanes :)
7)Dust storms n thunder storms- they are a delight to watch, yes, only to watch . And did I mention the condition that I shouldn't watch the latter while am alone :D
8)my apartment - the first ever time I have had the money n privilege to color coordinate n decorate an entire apartment like I wanted :)
9) the strategic location- 5 hrs in almost any direction and u reach a cool city :) eg:Vegas, san Diego, LA :) and the absolute coolness is driving 2 hrs north and reaching places 20 degrees cooler. Fabulous day trip option.
10) my gang- ok..u get the point :D

When I got here last summer , I wasn't  very sure I wud like the place . Its amazing how I m typing this entire post in my fone in my flight journey. It's awesome how nature lets u adapt to everything and beautiful how the mind n heart find priceless relationships everywhere. Love u guys ( kt Nisha Chots n baaboo ) !!!!!

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