Saturday, June 20, 2009

Absolute Insanity..Total Randomness...Worthless effort..

Sometimes I wonder why the heck did I cum here..Half way across the world..Feels totally Unpurposeful.. I have listened to Uravugal Thodarkadhai a million times, Kodai kaala kaatre another million times and anoushka's sitar in between..And feelin sad n out of place( well actually i am out of place, my place is forever chennai).. Days like these slap me right across my face and say "U knw wat? Ur ALONE".. I feel like getting away with this truth, but I dont know how..I know I havent come this far without any reason ( definitely my reason isnt engineering or america, its sumthin else abt which I ll blog once i am done with it, probably in another 3-4 yrs :P ) this reason gud enuf to leave appa, amma, paati, priya, subbu, gangotree, bessi beach, sarada koil, t nagar, car, my dio, jo kutti, tirusulam station and the 1000 other things that actually make my life? Shit! Days like these laugh at me sarcastically and say "Isnt it funnnn to be confined to a rectangle in a room and seeking pleasure in a laptop, watching youtube all day"..Arghhh, get way u evil face..Sometimes I feel I am not "living" my life..Wen its morning, I wait for it to become night, and when its night I sleep and it automatically becomes morning..I feel like I am chasing days and nights and not living through them..Like I think I did, in Chennai..Again the evil face pops up, but this time in a more concerned tone " Are u sure ur doing the right thing? Or do u just want to drop all this and run away back home?" and I am like Ohh plss I dont even have sumone to express this to..Sometimes I am the laughing stock..Cos, my friends brand me "perpertually homesick" and one who s very sissy abt appa all the time.. Well, I dont mind..That''s me for u..Do I sound like a grumpy person? Well, may be..U know I have changed topsy turvy after coming here, I was never this grumpy in Chennai...Wat??Nambalaya, ok get lost.. :( .. Arghhh..Days like these, when I blog abt absolute crap.. Exactly, ur appears to say "Do u even read wat u write before clicking publish?? U mad woman, get try to get back to ur senses" and I confront it and say "Just get lost, I knw how to kill time, am an expert at it now, I don want ur f****** suggestions.." And it knws that I ve reached limits of insanity for the day.. Finally I break down into tears ( not jus tears veel veel nu azhugai) and woah now it says "Preethu, idhuvum kadandhu pogum, u ll be fine sweetheart..U havent made any wrong decision..U ll not regret in future, U ll be back to chennai very soon and live in t nagar with appa amma paati, U ll drive ur car to bessi yelling at 1000 ppl on the way even if u make the mistake, eat 1 vadapav everyday, sit for hours together at sarada koil jus cos u wanted to meet her ..But when the time comes for to u do all this, appa ll be proud of wat ur.." and I rush to dial to appa..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Small Wonders!!

It is so amazing how little things make u SMILE , and somehow, today, while enjoying one such moment, I decided to blog about it..

-> My boss at work, the Director of the design group, saw me leaving work and came out of his room and said he would drop me since it was raining..Well, thats not the cute part... I dint know whether I should say Yea or No and he was like "Like ur taxi wallas, if am pronouncing it right.."..Oh my god!! That was cute!

-> I was coming back in the train and there was this real cute kid, a gal, all dressed in pink and her skin was also pinkish. She had a wound on her knee and her parents had put a band-aid over it and the band aid had DORA on it :) !!

-> There was this geeky looking guy, all in formals waiting in the rain to go for a baseball match with his GF, who had an umbrella and when she said "Here hold it" , he held it for her!! Soo cute!!!

-> I was getting wet and rushing back home and suddenly realized- After all those months of irritating snow, snow jacket and chilly weather, I was getting drenched!! After a long time, in RAIN! I started enjoying it!! And was thoroughly enjoying the rain the way I do in Chennai in my flat teracce!

-> I got my /hr pay for my Summer Internship raised by 1.5$ and my dad said "Wow, that makes up for half the fare for ur Chennai trip!" - Appa, ur too cute!

-> I always used to wonder why this particular professor's office was always open. He s about 80-85 and everytime I c him , am reminded of my thatha, but I found it weird that he alwayss had his Office open. The other day, when I was rushing to get my CPT formalities done, and when I realized my advisor was out of country and I had to get it signed from sumone before 11 ( I realized at 9 30), I knocked on the doors of all the professors that I took classes with. None of them were available and this Prof, who never knows me, whose door is always open signed it for me without even verifying my docs!!

-> I was talkin to Priya over the phone and her mom took the phone from her and said "Enna di Preethi, eppo dhan di varuva" in such an un-fake ( well, I dint want to use the word true) tone, which was amazingly cute!!!

->I made rava kesari that day and Amit tasted it and said "Agar vishnu nahi hota tho....." and completed it in a Cute way!!

-> I met my 10th Std Classmate here at Minneapolis and he happens to be my friend's roommate for the Summer and coincidentally, the day when we were all having together, both of made Brinjal ( Mine was better though :P )

-> I had one of my interviews at 1 pm and my Paati was awake telling budhirbalam at 11 30 pm in Chennai! God, she's too cute!!

-> I had another interview from 10 am - 3 pm and returned home by 4 30 pm, to find my dad ping me at 5 pm ( 3 30 am in Chennai) saying " say y/n feelin sleepy" and the moment i said "yes pa" he said "congrats bye" :) :) :)

->My brother is my mentor. He does everything for me and advises me in every aspect of my life and the other day he said " u ve gained some good professional qualities..good" and I was like HAPPY!

-> I went shopping alone for the first time in my life. I have never been to an apparel store alone without priya or amma to select my own stuff. For the first time, I selected my own stuff ! Initially felt a lil weird, but then felt nice n different!

-> I came across this College tour pics, which Priya n I thought were lost and saw all the crazy things we did in the 10 day tour! Shit!The most happiest period of my life was my final yr in College!!

I gotto start voice chatting now, so shall post later!