Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sorgame Endraalum..!

Aug 14 !

2 yrs up!! Time to Validate- What have I got in these 2 years?

1) A nutcase cald Amanda as my roommate !! ( I love my nutcase though :) ) and Pranav, the most , pro-mumbai( and money), anti-( chennai, vlsi, engineering, job, studies,anything that involves effort) man who happens to be one of my best friends :D
2) A Master's degree..Yay? Oh yea Whatever! I don feel like I am worth it :P.. Specially when I come to think of my VLSI phase 2 project with Pranav wherein we "DESIGNED" our memory cell missing an entire hierarchy in between and got 50/50 in the 2nd phase!
3) A job in Intel.. Hmm this probably deserves a YAY but this place scares me everyday! All they talk about is "striving to impress"
4) Sairam- Well he s a treasure.. One valid reason for me to have felt like "Thank god I chose to study!( And thank god he chose the U of M)
5) Culinary Skills! YAY!!!! Believe me, I am managing all by myself in a desert :P Thanks to my lovely skills :P

And what have I missed?

1) My YOUTH :( Shit am growing old! And worse, I can feel it!!!!
2) Priya's Wedding- This will haunt me forever :( I cudnt make it to her wedding cos I got a job 10 days AFTER her wedding! Damnn , if only it was before :(
3) Amma's yummy yummy food- But It hasnt helped me lose any weight.. I am beginning to think I am a better cook, but its NOT true..( Mandy, modesty definitely is my middle name :D )
4) Fights with my Appa- Skype doesn give me the exact feel/flavor, so I better complain..
5)CHENNAI!!!!!!! My heaven, my shrine, my everything :(
6) Priya and Subbu- the text msgs, movies, b'day planning, spencer plaza, restaurants etc etc etc etc that I can ( or I'd rather ) do with them :(

Was it worth it? It is SO hard to answer, I am not sure if what I have been upto is good enough for whatever I ve been missing.. But, I ve come to realize that life is all about this.. I read it on someone's status "Life is what happens to you when ur planning something else" and its so true!!

Coming to think of it, my world has expanded a lil ( in terms of ppl i love and ppl who care abt me ) and considering the fact that appa, amma , priya and subbu thot it was such a huge deal when I sent them the degree certificate pic and the intel offer letter :) Well, may be it WAS really worth it :)

Doesn't imply ANYTHING! Sorgameee endraalum, adhu nammooora pola varuma :)

Waiting for that Aug 14 when I would blog from Chennai :)