Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All your Fault

I was sitting in the parlour with some white substance on my face that was supposed to make me look better (really??!!). I was facing a huge hurdle in life- I couldnt talk..I can vouch for Theory of Relativity when I am asked to shut up for some time. That's when I feel like calling the A-Z contacts on my mobile and "catching up". So ya, I had to shut my mouth and worse, close my eyes. The lady was a very courteous one and switched on the FM for me..

"Oh oh ethanai azhagu irubadhu vayadhinile..". I heard some stifled laughs and they added to my agony. Luckily the parlour lady justified saying "such old songs..maathu ma FM ah" ( otherwise i may have killed her).I got to tell him abt this tonight on gtalk, am sure he'll find the coincidence funny and I could see him smile on the screen within my closed eyes.

"Azhagu nee nadandhaal nadai azhagu... oooo netriyile surundu vizhum neenda mudi azhagu.."- I was video chatting with him. He shook his head like dogs do when they are given a bath. And there came a strand of hair on his forehead. I googled these lyrics and pasted it to him.And he smiled. These FM ppl.. Cant they choose some better song?

And then a series of advertisements and I was envying those RJ's whose mouths weren't sealed with the magic white cream that was going to turn frogs into princesses. Then started the "Big 6, back to back songs" on Big FM.

"Munbe vaa en anbee vaaa...."- I love to sing. I was singing this song at home. And then, an urge to compare myself with a common friend of mine and his whose performance he's heard. I attempted thrice. The third attempt was alright, but I had kept the mic too close. And that's exactly what my best friend said when I sent it to her. But I told him I was going to send it. So, I picked up the mic, gave it one shot hoping it cums out well and he was impressed. He said "Super voice loosu unaku" and I was floating. "Damn these FM people, epo paathalum same songs"

"Sel Sel avaludan Sel...."- I was sitting on the couch and he was singing this for the 100th time that day. He's not a great expert in singing ( like me :P) but there's something very cute abt it. I was telling him "come off, come off with me, unna check in panni eduthundu poidren" and then he sang "sol sol avalidam sol" and I was like "Tell me Tell me..dont think too much"...And I felt something wet.. Wow, she was rubbing off the white thing. More than worrying about how beautiful I had transformed, the first thing I blurted was " Can u change the station please?". She took her time to wipe it off my face and as I got up to pay...

"Pogaadhe...Pogaadheee..nee irundhaal nan irupeen"- I was trying hard for 2 hours to grab his attention. Its so pissing off when he's glued to his laptop. I had finished cooking and was doing absolutely "nermal"( this is for garfield fans) kinda lame stuff to attract attention. And, as always, nothing happened. Then I thot ok fine I am leaving. My comp was on and since he was online, I pinged him and said "I cant take this shit anymore, am leaving". No response. Then after 2 minutes the song played....like a hot knife through butter..and "vennais" like me don even require that hot a knife..I was smiling..and..and.. "Madam, ok ngla?"..

I pulled out the money, looked into the mirror, and realized I was never going to change..

I have to narrate this to him tonite.. or wait, let me post it in my blog and video chat with him to c his reaction..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

How I fell in luv with Chennai- ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!

Dec 25- I was up before 7 am, when my alarm was supposed to go off. A realization "Its 25th, the day is here"- Excitement in its ultimate gigantism. To top it, an A in my favorite course. Can there be a better morning in my life? I doubt..

The 14 hour flight was so annoying. Home so close, yet so far. Its so weird how after waiting for 450 days, it pains like crazy to wait 14 hours. By the time I reached Abudhabi, I was sick..of flights...the security checks and just having to sit glued to one place. I got into the flight, irritated and sleepy. The moment they announced "non stop service to Chennai", my face lit up. It hit me where I was heading. It dawned on me that I had to wait 3 more hours and then it would be heaven. I probably was the only idiot who was smiling when the plane was taxi'ng on the run way. From then on, my screen had just the live map running.

Distance to Destination: 1786 miles Estimated Arrival: 3 31 am Ground Speed: 590 mph. Hmm..so slow.. Wat to do? Its so boring..Shud I sleep? Shud I look out into the dark? I was clenching my fists and looking at the Distance to Destination without batting an eyelid..

Distance to Destination: 364 miles-I felt the first surge of adrenaline. I mean, imagine, it was true, that I was going to reach chennai. I was as close to Chennai as I would have been if I was somewhere in say, Hyderabad. No more 5 digit discouraging distances, no more 10.5 hour differences. Appa wouldn't have to say "Hi, u woke up too late, its time for me to sleep" or "Preethi, its time, I am off to office, u better go to sleep". He could kick my ass and wake me up at 6 am (of course I wouldnt wake up, but tats a different story altogether).

Distance to Destination: 122 miles- "Cabin Crew, Prepare for landing". I was choking. The aircraft was really going to land in Anna International Terminal. I was going to touch my parents and see that I wasnt touching my laptop screen. I was paralyzed. I was staring out of the window not wanting to be looked at like an alien by my co passenger. The cabin lights were turned off and oh my god.. Chennai was breathtakingly beautiful. People who know me would have easily guessed that I would have started crying by now.

After Immigration, I reached the arrival lobby. Vishnu was the first person I saw. Then anna. Then manni. Then..AMMA. I hugged her and was locked in that position, for 2 mins. The world around me froze. Then Appa! "IDIOTTT, go get ur baggage, u just left it astray.."..Sigh, Appa's, they never change..

I picked up my bags, came out to the open..And took a deep breath of Chennai's air-