Sunday, July 26, 2009

The 5 most colorful years of my life!!

How do I start? Where do I start?

5 years ago, this time ( 12 50 am IST) I was sitting in the train from Coimbatore back to Chennai. Suddenly I heard this voice, which said, "Preethi, tour epdi irundhudhu?" (Preethi how was the tour?).. Well I knew the guy's name was Vishnu, and nothing else apart from that..He was a classmate, just a classmate, and I knew why he was talking to me. He had a friend who supposedly liked me and I could feel them walking behind me all the time in the tour. Ok, so this was his first move. I retorted curtly "Ya, good". He was quite embarassed, but he decided not to stop it there.. "Vara maaten nu sonna?" ( U said u wudnt cum?) and I was like "Vandhuten, so?" (I came, so?).. This was the last straw, he said ok and turned away. After that, a week, or even 2 weeks, no talks.
Suddenly one day in the lunch break, he came to me and said " Have u gotten ur tour pics developed?".. Now this was weird. I dint click a picture of him or anything, y would he bother. I said no and stopped the conversation. The next day, to his shock, I walked up to him and said "Vishnu, could u pls give me ur fone number? I need to speak to you".. He was taken aback..He was full of questions. Ok, what is she gonna talk to me, whats her problem..but still he gave me the number. I called him in the nite and said " I received this e-mail that had a ppt which spoke to how much that person was in luv with me and also abt vasanth".. I paused..and said "U knw that everyone thot I had an affair with him right?"- Now he dint know what to react.. Saying a Yes wud confirm that there was an affair, saying a no wud show its a blatant lie.. He stammered.. I said "Anyway, so it had a carbon copy to an id with ur name in it.. I was wondering if you knew who did it?" He said "No, I am totally unaware of it.Could you tell me the id pls". And after I said, he said "Yeah tats my ID, but I donno anything abt it". I said "Fine, thanks bye" and cut the call. I went online (my house had a dial up connection then) and he had been trying to reach me for 2 hrs and then reached me and said "Ok, let me tel u the truth. There's this friend of mine, who's mad abt u . It cud be him". I said "Oh cool" and he explained abt the whole love story to me. I said Pls ask your friend not to do such things its never going to happen. And that was the beginning, We had officially started talking to each other.
A month passed by. He came home, with his friend who was in luv with me . I still dint have a proper comfort level with him and so, dint talk much. Introduced him to my best friend Aishwarya, and they got close, really close. I even thought they would end up being together one day.
Days passed, and aish and he got more close. And then one day, aish told me "Vishnu s in luv with u".. I dint want to digest that fact cos I had started looking at him as a good friend and so, I told her, dont tel him I knw this ( quite cunning of me)
After 2 months, he invited me home. I had never ever been to any guy's home before that ( dint ve any guy- friends) and felt a lil uncomfortable. But ya, obviously, he had invited Aish too and we went to his place. His family was so beautiful-Mom, Dad,Paati,brother, one nice oonjal.. a traditional home. His mom was so so sweet and she said " Vishnu idhuku munaadi oru ponna ipdi kootindu vandhadhe ila"... !! and he dropped me back in the railway station by bike. My first ever bike ride with a guy. That day, I noticed a change within myself. I actually liked being with this fellow. When the train started, I peeped out only to notice that he was still waiting and looking too. It was something new, something really new..But I didnt say anything...
He was really really close with aish and used to go out with her all weekends(almost). One such weekend, they went shopping and came back to Mc.Rennett, a cake shop near my home- they called me there. I went ( for the cake) and on way back, suddenly, he held my hands n said "I luv u".. Palaaar- I gave a tight slap and said who the hell r u to touch me? And made it an issue! But that is my most memorable evening until today, cos the luv that I saw in his eyes that evening, I feel I wud never never see it again..
It just went on and on and after a year, I started realizing that I was getting possessive if he was being with aish. I cried and I fought and fought and fought..But he said "Ur not anything to me, y do u rule me"..thats it..I had to maintain my ego..I stopped saying anything after just resurfaced and one fine day I had to yell and fight and accept finally that I was in luv with him..
From then till now, we have had countless arguments ( we have a minimum of 1 eeveryday), sometimes we talk of breaking up..Sometimes we dont talk for 3-4 months at a stretch..He gave me back for that tight slap ( he gave 3-4 extra)..I ve tortured him so much.. But beyond all this, there's something that binds us together.. We ve reached a point wherein we ve thought that being together is gng to make our lives hell, but we ve realized that it is that hell we actually NEED in life..And it is that HELL which actually makes our life wat it is.. And anything beyond that hell is just voidity..Vishnu means the world to happiness, sorrow, friend, enemy,irritant, pacifier everything..And I'm happy.. I'm happy that I have him, and I am thankful to him for the 5 most beautiful years of my life so far..I am happy for the 10 rs ring that he proposed to me with, after 4 years of being together, the garfield that he searched for all over chennai, the keyboard that brings me joy every single day, the number of cards that miserably fail trying to completely explain what he has for me, his birthday surprises that he tries to keep guessing, the 17 mile drive that was planned jus for me, the lovely walks in boat club area, the rain walk in besant nagar beach, the car driving lessons, the bike lessons, the way he calls me right after he wakes up, the pizza that he made for me, the doctor visits when I thot I was going mad, the countless other things that wud never fit in anywhere...and for just the way he calls me "Preethu".. I LOVE U VISHNU..AND WILL DO SO, FOREVER...

P.S: The whole post is in RED cos its his favorite color!