Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Wives Club!! :)

 He lets me lift heavy things. He says i ll become a lazy ass and unfit soon if i start depending on him for all the heavy work. Ofcourse he intervenes when he has to! And the best part is he always knows when :)

 He always gives me one gift that i ve never asked for. Something i never would have wanted, which, if given, "may" be used to develop a new interest. It doesn't matter if it goes waste. He still gives it :) Apart from the ones i want of course :D

 He doesn't know anything about hindustani classical music. Yet, he asks me what i have learnt new in my music class after every single class.He doesn't know anything about the ragas i mention. Yet he listens- after e.v.e.r.y s.i.n.g.l.e c.l.a.s.s

He says the first reason why he loves me is cos I can think logically and solve puzzles quickly. And the second reason is cos i can sing. Hello, what ever happened to "you are the most pretty, loving , caring girl in the whole world" :-/

 He never trusts me enough- he checks on my helmet straps every single time when i inside his car on a track day or behind him on the motorbike.

 He is so amused when i yell from the bottom of my throat. He laughs his ass off and quotes padayappa dialogues- and it calmly ends what would have been a yelling fiasco.

 He pulls me in to solving problems and writing programs late into saturday nights. He registers us for science talks on Valentine's day. Who says romance is all about eating dinner in a candlelit atmosphere ;)

I ve never written a post about him. I ve never even thought about it honestly.

But he surely deserves one.

For redefining marriage for me.