Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Wives Club!! :)

 He lets me lift heavy things. He says i ll become a lazy ass and unfit soon if i start depending on him for all the heavy work. Ofcourse he intervenes when he has to! And the best part is he always knows when :)

 He always gives me one gift that i ve never asked for. Something i never would have wanted, which, if given, "may" be used to develop a new interest. It doesn't matter if it goes waste. He still gives it :) Apart from the ones i want of course :D

 He doesn't know anything about hindustani classical music. Yet, he asks me what i have learnt new in my music class after every single class.He doesn't know anything about the ragas i mention. Yet he listens- after e.v.e.r.y s.i.n.g.l.e c.l.a.s.s

He says the first reason why he loves me is cos I can think logically and solve puzzles quickly. And the second reason is cos i can sing. Hello, what ever happened to "you are the most pretty, loving , caring girl in the whole world" :-/

 He never trusts me enough- he checks on my helmet straps every single time when i inside his car on a track day or behind him on the motorbike.

 He is so amused when i yell from the bottom of my throat. He laughs his ass off and quotes padayappa dialogues- and it calmly ends what would have been a yelling fiasco.

 He pulls me in to solving problems and writing programs late into saturday nights. He registers us for science talks on Valentine's day. Who says romance is all about eating dinner in a candlelit atmosphere ;)

I ve never written a post about him. I ve never even thought about it honestly.

But he surely deserves one.

For redefining marriage for me.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


My sis in law is a great fan of Preeti Shenoy, and in my recent bangalore trip, i happened to read the book "The Secret Wishlist". I loved the essence of the book- living for yourself, taking time to discovering your desires and pursuing them! I felt like i could connect with the author's ideals and so looked her up online and read her blog ( beautiful posts) and read about these wednesday competitions!
Preeti's blog

The title for this week's competition is-

"I wish I had another chance to.."

Hmmm, I am a very independent person and have always chosen to follow my heart ( share my namesake's sentiments on this!) ! I absolutely have no regrets in life so far (touchwood), but hey, i am still going to write up a short post on this cos i LOVE the title!! Whether or not I want to alter certain things in my past, I am sure i want to cherish certain things in my past- so here goes!
I wish i had another chance to..

re-live my childhood days- My mom is the greatest gift god has given me, and i'd love to grow up again under her loving care, drinking the aromatic coffees she makes and eating the yummiest food in the world! I do not even mind the days i was very sick, cos she'd be there to take care of me all over again! Not just that, I would love to read "Tinkle" with "enthusiasm" and play cricket without even changing my school uniform and get spanked by dad :D! Oh wait, did i miss mentioning yelling and fighting with my lovely bro? ;)

apologise, share and care- I am 26 now, and i have had my fair share of immature days and egotistic talks! How i wish i could go back to those situations and deal with them differently! Whether or not I was right, a simple sorry would ve avoided hours of arguments and unnecessary tensions and healed hurt hearts!! At the end of it all, no matter where I am in life and how wealthy/important i am, the one thing that will evaluate my life for me is how good a human i have been !! To anyone i may have hurt knowingly or unknowingly- a heartfelt apology through this post! ( Better late than never..just thought I'd grab the opportunity rather than wait for another chance!)

keep in touch- Some people are such a grand part of one's growing up. So grand that memories associated with them are always fresh in one's heart. Thanks to social media like Facebook, i am in touch with those people from my past and know what they are upto, but thats no excuse for not being in touch. I should have kept in touch with my school friends, my teachers and my cousins who were such a lovely part of my growing up!

enjoy my wedding- The day i married the man i dated for 9 years was one of the BEST days of my life! The one day when the ones that matter the most to me were always around me! Enough said! :)

Thank you Preeti, for this lovely chance to realize the good in my life..And thank you god, for all these! And Thanks everyone for reading my post! A little belated, but hey 11.5 months left- So, happy new year! :)


Friday, August 5, 2011

10 reasons y i love Chandler,AZ

10 reasons y I love Chandler
1) my gang - Fun is the word that best describes us. So much that we get constant requests from ppl inviting themselves for our tea breaks :P It's a privilege to be a part of my gang. Almost like being an elite member of sum society.
2))woodlands- a perfect south Indian restaurant that makes amazing north indian food too ( this one is for "someone"s love ..who happens to be VERY regional :P)  . A place where the owner let's our gang keep "account"
3) my gang - we ve redefined tea break at intel. Tea breaks are no More abt Walkin down to the cafe getting coffee n going back. It requires some planning. Stocking up on milk bikis n Marie n good day, reserving the corner table in the cafe n having an elaborate session of ruining someone's reputation. Let's jus say that "someone" is almost always the same person. Oh wait, can "that" be classified as a human?
4)oct-nov weather - nothin like it. Those 2 months are pure bliss. Ok let's not talk abt the previous 2 months :P
5)my gang- my best friends happen to be the best cooks I ve ever met. I ve had the best tasting brinjal dish here. And the thaalipeeth. And bisi bele bath. And butter pound cake. And spinach rasam. And.. Time to eat sumthin, this point has made me hungry.
6)The wide smooth roads- I love the fact that even interior roads are 3 lane roads and freeways are 5 lane. Best part being everyone wants to drive in the 2 rightmost lanes . So it's almost like having 3 hov lanes :)
7)Dust storms n thunder storms- they are a delight to watch, yes, only to watch . And did I mention the condition that I shouldn't watch the latter while am alone :D
8)my apartment - the first ever time I have had the money n privilege to color coordinate n decorate an entire apartment like I wanted :)
9) the strategic location- 5 hrs in almost any direction and u reach a cool city :) eg:Vegas, san Diego, LA :) and the absolute coolness is driving 2 hrs north and reaching places 20 degrees cooler. Fabulous day trip option.
10) my gang- ok..u get the point :D

When I got here last summer , I wasn't  very sure I wud like the place . Its amazing how I m typing this entire post in my fone in my flight journey. It's awesome how nature lets u adapt to everything and beautiful how the mind n heart find priceless relationships everywhere. Love u guys ( kt Nisha Chots n baaboo ) !!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Familiar Voidness

I have done it time and again, yet, it feels as difficult every single time. Like going to school on day 1, minus the excitement factor..

The thought that at the other end of the sleep, its gonna be a huge emotional trauma, The uneasiness in breathing, tossing and turning a million times before the sleep engulfs and waking up to the sound of alarm which reminds me that its time to go to airport, either to drop someone or to leave someone- Horrible..Period..

Could there be something worse? Well yes, Coming back to an empty home, to the deafening silence, looking at bits n pieces left behind from packing stuff..
Forgetting to lock the door thinking amma would do it and then responding to the harsh reality. Or climbing on to a plane, sitting amidst 200 unknown people and switching off the fone and departing home at 500 miles/hour.

The whole sequence is so cliche now- I know how its going to feel, I know how its going to hurt, I know how numbing its going to be, I know how its gonna choke, I know how weak am gonna be..and yet, I know how helpless I am-cos I have no idea how to prepare myself for it..

I hate this....familiar voidness......

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sorgame Endraalum..!

Aug 14 !

2 yrs up!! Time to Validate- What have I got in these 2 years?

1) A nutcase cald Amanda as my roommate !! ( I love my nutcase though :) ) and Pranav, the most , pro-mumbai( and money), anti-( chennai, vlsi, engineering, job, studies,anything that involves effort) man who happens to be one of my best friends :D
2) A Master's degree..Yay? Oh yea Whatever! I don feel like I am worth it :P.. Specially when I come to think of my VLSI phase 2 project with Pranav wherein we "DESIGNED" our memory cell missing an entire hierarchy in between and got 50/50 in the 2nd phase!
3) A job in Intel.. Hmm this probably deserves a YAY but this place scares me everyday! All they talk about is "striving to impress"
4) Sairam- Well he s a treasure.. One valid reason for me to have felt like "Thank god I chose to study!( And thank god he chose the U of M)
5) Culinary Skills! YAY!!!! Believe me, I am managing all by myself in a desert :P Thanks to my lovely skills :P

And what have I missed?

1) My YOUTH :( Shit am growing old! And worse, I can feel it!!!!
2) Priya's Wedding- This will haunt me forever :( I cudnt make it to her wedding cos I got a job 10 days AFTER her wedding! Damnn , if only it was before :(
3) Amma's yummy yummy food- But It hasnt helped me lose any weight.. I am beginning to think I am a better cook, but its NOT true..( Mandy, modesty definitely is my middle name :D )
4) Fights with my Appa- Skype doesn give me the exact feel/flavor, so I better complain..
5)CHENNAI!!!!!!! My heaven, my shrine, my everything :(
6) Priya and Subbu- the text msgs, movies, b'day planning, spencer plaza, restaurants etc etc etc etc that I can ( or I'd rather ) do with them :(

Was it worth it? It is SO hard to answer, I am not sure if what I have been upto is good enough for whatever I ve been missing.. But, I ve come to realize that life is all about this.. I read it on someone's status "Life is what happens to you when ur planning something else" and its so true!!

Coming to think of it, my world has expanded a lil ( in terms of ppl i love and ppl who care abt me ) and considering the fact that appa, amma , priya and subbu thot it was such a huge deal when I sent them the degree certificate pic and the intel offer letter :) Well, may be it WAS really worth it :)

Doesn't imply ANYTHING! Sorgameee endraalum, adhu nammooora pola varuma :)

Waiting for that Aug 14 when I would blog from Chennai :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

2nd Anniversary

She left us too..

The wound is fresh and the pain is deep..

Miss you...and paati.....



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All your Fault

I was sitting in the parlour with some white substance on my face that was supposed to make me look better (really??!!). I was facing a huge hurdle in life- I couldnt talk..I can vouch for Theory of Relativity when I am asked to shut up for some time. That's when I feel like calling the A-Z contacts on my mobile and "catching up". So ya, I had to shut my mouth and worse, close my eyes. The lady was a very courteous one and switched on the FM for me..

"Oh oh ethanai azhagu irubadhu vayadhinile..". I heard some stifled laughs and they added to my agony. Luckily the parlour lady justified saying "such old songs..maathu ma FM ah" ( otherwise i may have killed her).I got to tell him abt this tonight on gtalk, am sure he'll find the coincidence funny and I could see him smile on the screen within my closed eyes.

"Azhagu nee nadandhaal nadai azhagu... oooo netriyile surundu vizhum neenda mudi azhagu.."- I was video chatting with him. He shook his head like dogs do when they are given a bath. And there came a strand of hair on his forehead. I googled these lyrics and pasted it to him.And he smiled. These FM ppl.. Cant they choose some better song?

And then a series of advertisements and I was envying those RJ's whose mouths weren't sealed with the magic white cream that was going to turn frogs into princesses. Then started the "Big 6, back to back songs" on Big FM.

"Munbe vaa en anbee vaaa...."- I love to sing. I was singing this song at home. And then, an urge to compare myself with a common friend of mine and his whose performance he's heard. I attempted thrice. The third attempt was alright, but I had kept the mic too close. And that's exactly what my best friend said when I sent it to her. But I told him I was going to send it. So, I picked up the mic, gave it one shot hoping it cums out well and he was impressed. He said "Super voice loosu unaku" and I was floating. "Damn these FM people, epo paathalum same songs"

"Sel Sel avaludan Sel...."- I was sitting on the couch and he was singing this for the 100th time that day. He's not a great expert in singing ( like me :P) but there's something very cute abt it. I was telling him "come off, come off with me, unna check in panni eduthundu poidren" and then he sang "sol sol avalidam sol" and I was like "Tell me Tell me..dont think too much"...And I felt something wet.. Wow, she was rubbing off the white thing. More than worrying about how beautiful I had transformed, the first thing I blurted was " Can u change the station please?". She took her time to wipe it off my face and as I got up to pay...

"Pogaadhe...Pogaadheee..nee irundhaal nan irupeen"- I was trying hard for 2 hours to grab his attention. Its so pissing off when he's glued to his laptop. I had finished cooking and was doing absolutely "nermal"( this is for garfield fans) kinda lame stuff to attract attention. And, as always, nothing happened. Then I thot ok fine I am leaving. My comp was on and since he was online, I pinged him and said "I cant take this shit anymore, am leaving". No response. Then after 2 minutes the song played....like a hot knife through butter..and "vennais" like me don even require that hot a knife..I was smiling..and..and.. "Madam, ok ngla?"..

I pulled out the money, looked into the mirror, and realized I was never going to change..

I have to narrate this to him tonite.. or wait, let me post it in my blog and video chat with him to c his reaction..