Sunday, January 13, 2013


My sis in law is a great fan of Preeti Shenoy, and in my recent bangalore trip, i happened to read the book "The Secret Wishlist". I loved the essence of the book- living for yourself, taking time to discovering your desires and pursuing them! I felt like i could connect with the author's ideals and so looked her up online and read her blog ( beautiful posts) and read about these wednesday competitions!
Preeti's blog

The title for this week's competition is-

"I wish I had another chance to.."

Hmmm, I am a very independent person and have always chosen to follow my heart ( share my namesake's sentiments on this!) ! I absolutely have no regrets in life so far (touchwood), but hey, i am still going to write up a short post on this cos i LOVE the title!! Whether or not I want to alter certain things in my past, I am sure i want to cherish certain things in my past- so here goes!
I wish i had another chance to..

re-live my childhood days- My mom is the greatest gift god has given me, and i'd love to grow up again under her loving care, drinking the aromatic coffees she makes and eating the yummiest food in the world! I do not even mind the days i was very sick, cos she'd be there to take care of me all over again! Not just that, I would love to read "Tinkle" with "enthusiasm" and play cricket without even changing my school uniform and get spanked by dad :D! Oh wait, did i miss mentioning yelling and fighting with my lovely bro? ;)

apologise, share and care- I am 26 now, and i have had my fair share of immature days and egotistic talks! How i wish i could go back to those situations and deal with them differently! Whether or not I was right, a simple sorry would ve avoided hours of arguments and unnecessary tensions and healed hurt hearts!! At the end of it all, no matter where I am in life and how wealthy/important i am, the one thing that will evaluate my life for me is how good a human i have been !! To anyone i may have hurt knowingly or unknowingly- a heartfelt apology through this post! ( Better late than never..just thought I'd grab the opportunity rather than wait for another chance!)

keep in touch- Some people are such a grand part of one's growing up. So grand that memories associated with them are always fresh in one's heart. Thanks to social media like Facebook, i am in touch with those people from my past and know what they are upto, but thats no excuse for not being in touch. I should have kept in touch with my school friends, my teachers and my cousins who were such a lovely part of my growing up!

enjoy my wedding- The day i married the man i dated for 9 years was one of the BEST days of my life! The one day when the ones that matter the most to me were always around me! Enough said! :)

Thank you Preeti, for this lovely chance to realize the good in my life..And thank you god, for all these! And Thanks everyone for reading my post! A little belated, but hey 11.5 months left- So, happy new year! :)