Thursday, November 12, 2009

My BEST friend's Birthday!!!!!!!!!

"Inbam varalaam thunbam varalaam nanban oruvan pangu peralaam, kalloori natpukillai mutru pulliye!!!!"- Indha line keta, en mind la vara ore person- ennoda PRIYA!

Apdi patta en Priya oda birthday- Nov 14th- A post dedicated to my one and only soul mate :)

What do i write? Everytime I try to write something for her, whether its an orkut testimonial or a "birthday" book, I stumble..What do i write to sumone who knows what exactly I am about to speak the next second? Or what exactly is running in my head this very second? The only one who knows how exactly to deal with me and who knows when I am going to get pissed and when I am going to get really really pissed? And who still does those things knowing how exactly to set it all right again?????? The only one with whom I can go on and on for hours and then still find something to talk.. Or cut the call in 5 mins bluntly stating "I am bored of talking right now" and still know that it wouldn be 1 bit offensive! The only one without whom I ve never attended college ( apart from the usual lesser than 75% attendance that i had)

How long have i known u dee?? Hmmm... Forever???  Well, close to it..

Feels like I cant recollect anything of what happened before u came into my world di! U have redefined LIFE for me.. Fun na enna, love na enna, care na enna, trust na enna, understanding na enna, misunderstanding na enna ( :D)..elllameeeeee..u ve taught me a lot, without ur and my knowledge :)

I have told u this 1 million times.. But I have never been able to completely express it.. I LOVE U DI, UR MY BESTEST FRIEND EVER..There's no way I can push a day without u .. Hate to get this sentimental with u.. :D



kmsram420 said...

Happy Birthday !!!!

vish! said...

happppppy birrrrrthdayyyy eeeellllliiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!

Santhosh said...

Wish you a Very Happy Birthday :)

And, a little fact that you might not have known.
You share your Birthday with Modern Day Australian Cricketing Legend(in my opinion) - Adam Gilchrist ;)

Arun said...

hiii priya, wish you a very happy b'day!!!

vamshi said...

Hey Priya, Wish you many happy returns of the day :) ..

Aishwarya said...

hi priya a very happy birthday!god bless yo!

subramaniamthinks said...


Happpy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) )

Vidya said...

Hey Priya!
Wish u a very happy birthday!! It's been great knowing you and i hope all your dreams come true :)

Ram said...

Happy Birthday..

neeraja said...

Many More Happy Returns Of the day dear:)

nalini said...

Ketu Ketu wishes vanngina modhal ponnu... Happy Birthday Priya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Priya said...
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Preeths said...
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Priya said...

@ Sai,
thanks a lot! the backgrnd luks gr8 :)


thanks daaaaaaaaaa >: D<


thaks a lot! and i do remember u very well :) (she said u thot i might not recognize u)


Thank uuuuuuuuu :)


thanks da! and its been very long time since v spoke...come online...v can chat :)

hey aish,

thank you!

subbuuuuuuu....mikka nandri....un foto potten....poi paaruuuu

hey IAS madam, thank u di...un velaya la vittu comment pannirukka ;)

hey rama, thank u:)

neeraj! thanks a lot di :)

nachu nalnuuuu..nandri madam...atlast ur pc s wrking now :P

Preeths said...

enaku mattum thank you ve solala :( :(

bachu said...

hey CP wish u a very very Happy Birthday :)

archna said...

happy birthday family..