Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday morning Blues...

Friday morning, Supposed to be in the best of moods, but the weather is spoiling it all..

Cloudy dark skies, chill wind, Perfect time for snuggling in a bed, eating some hot molaga bajji/onion pakoda with the aroma of coffee coming from the kitchen ( implies that someone is making it for me) and watching an old Tamil Kamal film. MMMMMMM.. And here I am, coding in Verilog-A .Yuckkkk..

Wait a minute, I am not too involved or anything, the linux screen is open infront of my eyes and I am dreaming of a business venture with Starbucks. I can make pakodas/bajjis/bonda's and start supplying to them. Slowly, I'd form a huge fan base for my pakodas and Starbucks will expand the business with me (note- its no more me with starbucks). I will then start giving them suggestions to improve their customer inflow. "Why not hang a number of magazines and newspaper above the coffee vending area?" And they would hang them, in a 45 degree angle on a rope, under my supervision. Then I would get rid of the stylish coffee makers and replace them with a stove and some aluminium pans and educate them about the traditional coffee-aathifying with the coffee and davara at a distance of 10 metres from each other.Then I ll bring in some banana solai's in the shop. Finally, I ll change the name to ---- tea/coffee stall(let them choose the name, i think they deserve to do it)..if they can sell "Chaai" on their menu, y not?? this might happen one day.. SNAP..Email- "Job completed"- Hmm..Varen varen..

Dreams apart, I did one good thing today. Margaret is the cafeteria worker here. She loves to talk to me ( ok ok, dont wonder why, i know its absurd :( ). We were talking of Indian food some weeks back and she mentioned she hadnt tasted it. I decided it was time to make her feel good. Since am moving out of my apartment this weekend and wouldnt get to cook for another 10 days, by which my internship would end (yayyyy!!), I cooked for her today and took it 30 mins back. Damn, she was soooo happy and gave me a tight hug :) The little joys in life!! Making a person smile genuinely :)!! ( Probably she would regret after tasting it.. Is that what ur thinking?? Screw u)

Its Madras Day eve today. Get ready to celebrate!!!!!!

I think its time I stop this vetti velai and do something worthwhile. Hmm, may be take a short nap? C u soon.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


vish! said...

ha ha ha ha..... nice one di..... I wish I can also intern at L** and come up with such bright ideas. ;).

Your fan club is increasing in astronomical proportions. Its time for you to start a club...

Preeths said...

adi vaanguva, mooditu stellar astrophsyics class ku kelambu